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At-a-Glance Schedule – Thursday, October 5

8:00a – 9:00a

Presentation of Gerald J. Hahn Q&P Achievement Award

Welcome & Plenary Session

We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

Ron Snee, Snee Associates
Ballroom C

Ballroom E



9:15a – 10:00a

1A: A Statistical Engineering Approach to Problem Solving
Roger Hoerl, Union College

Moderator: TBD

1B: Deep Learning Applications for Manufacturing
Anne M. Hansen, Intel

Moderator: TBD

1C: Statistical Model Uncertainty in Measurements: Three Examples
Adam Pintar, NIST

Moderator: TBD

10:30a – 12:00p

2A: STAT Invited Session

The Seven Deadly Sins of Big Data
Richard (Dick) De Veaux, Williams College

Beyond Reliability: Advanced Analytics for Predicting Quality
Andrew Fast, Elder Research

Moderator: Richard (Herb) McGrath

2B: Life Testing

Planning Fatigue Tests for Polymer Composites
Yili Hong, Virginia Tech

Comparison of Accelerated Life Test Plans Based on Exact Small-Sample Methodology and Asymptotic Large-Sample Methodology
Caleb King, Sandia

Moderator: TBD

2C: Technometrics
Invited Session

Benefits and Fast Construction of Efficient Two-Level Foldover Designs
Anna Errore, Univ of Minnesota

Selecting an Orthogonal or Nonorthogonal Two-Level Design for Screening 
David J. Edwards, VCU

Moderator: TBD

12:15p – 1:45p Luncheon:
Vice President of Collections, Exhibitions, and Programming, Museum of the American Revolution
2:00p – 3:30p

3A: Advanced Methods

H-Canonical Regression
Joseph Voelkel, RIT

Estimating Change Points in Matrix Linear Models
Yana Melnykov, Univ of Alabama



Normalizing the
I-Control Chart

Wayne Taylor, Taylor Enterprises

CUSUM for Counts:  Power Considerations and the Low-Count Regime
James M. Lucas, J.M. Lucas & Associates

Moderator: TBD

3C: Response Surface

RSM Split-Plot Designs & Diagnostics Solve Real-World Problems
Shari Kraber, Stat-Ease

Strategies for Near Replicates in Response Surface Analysis
Peter Parker, NASA

Moderator: TBD

4:00p – 5:00p

W. J. Youden Address

There is no “I” in Youden, but there is “You”!
Steven Bailey, Principal Consultant and Master Black Belt


At-a-Glance Schedule – Friday, October 6

Ballroom E

Cook Flower
8:00a – 9:30a

4A: Q&P Invited Session

Manufacturing Data Fusion
Ran Jin, Virginia Tech

Modeling and Diagnosis of Manufacturing Time Series Data via a Natural Language Processing Perspective
Hongyou Sun

Moderator: William Myers

4B: CPID Invited Session

Saving Lives with Statistics: A Framework for Statistical Applications in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Development
Julia O’Neill, Tunnell Consulting

Stability Assessment with the Stability Index
John Szarka, WL Gore

Moderator: TBD

4C: Journal of Quality Technology Invited Session

An Update on Statistical Learning Methods Applied to Process Monitoring
Allison Jones-Farmer, Miami Univ

A Bayesian Approach to Diagnostics for Multivariate Control Charts
Robert Steward, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Moderator: TBD

10:00a – 11:30a

5A: SPES Invited Session

Analyzing Supersaturated Designs
Maria Weese, Miami Univ


Testing for Lack of Fit in Blocked and Split-Plot Designs
Peter Goos, KU Leuven & Univ of Antwerp

Moderator: TBD

5B: Innovation

Using Innovative Statistics for Increased Quality, Faster Development
Katherine Giacoletti, SynoloStats

A Panel Discussion on Collaboration
Willis Jensen, WL Gore
Peter Parker, NASA
Jennifer van Mullekom, Virginia Tech

Moderator: Mindy Hotchkiss

5C: Quality Engineering Invited Session

Quantitative Measures to Evaluate Process Stability and Assess Process Health
Brenda Ramirez, Amgen

Statistical Detective Work to Understand the Isotopic Ratios in Drum 68660 and the Radioactive Release at WIPP
Elizabeth Kelly, LANL

Moderator: TBD



It’s Not What We Said, It’s Not What They Heard, It’s What They Say They Heard

Barry Nussbaum, ASA President

1:30p – 3:00p

6A: Process Monitoring

Novel Statistical Tools for Robust Process Monitoring for Biopharmaceutical Drug Products
Nitin Champaneria, Genentech

On the statistical monitoring of interpersonal organizational networks
Marcus Perry, Univ of Alabama

Moderator: TBD

6B: Gage R&R

How to do a Gage R&R when you can’t do a Gage R&R
Thomas Rust, Autoliv

Application of Simulation to Sample Size Calculations
Louis Johnson, SnapDat Inc.

Moderator: TBD


What My Experiment Died From: Common Types of Sources of Variation in Designed Experiments
Katherine Allen, NCSU

Strategies for Mixture-Design Space Augmentation
Martin Bezener, Stat-Ease

Moderator: TBD

3:15p – 5:15p

Wine & Cheese Reception, followed by SPES Special Session:

Statistics Training for Industry: Creating a Competitive Advantage
Panelists: William Myers, P&G; Willis Jensen, WL Gore; Ron Snee, Snee & Assoc; and Jennifer van Mullekom, Va Tech

Moderator: Kevin White, Eastman Chemical

Technical Program Committee

Mindy Hotchkiss (STAT, Chair)

Aerojet Rocketdyne
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Sarah Burke (CPID)

The Perduco Group
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Anne M. Hansen (Q&P)

Intel Corporation
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Greg Steeno (SPES)

Pfizer, Inc.
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