At-A-Glance Schedule – Thursday, October 4, 2018

8:00a – 9:00a Welcome & Plenary Session


9:15a – 10:00a 1A: Experiences with Big Data

Murat Kulahci, Technical University of Denmark and Lulea University of Technology

Moderator: TBD

1B: Big Data at Owens Corning: A Case Study on Deriving VOC from 1.4 Million Words of Free-Form Text

Tine V. Pickerel, Owens Corning

Moderator: TBD

1C: Slack-Variable Approach Versus Mixture Approach for Mixture Experiments: A Definitive Comparison
Greg F. Piepel, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Moderator: TBD

10:30a – 12:00p 2A: Collaboration

Strategic Design and Analysis for Hosting Data Competitions
Christine Anderson-Cook, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Statistics and Metrology: A Collaboration
Stephen V. Crowder, Sandia National Laboratory

Moderator: TBD
2B: STAT Invited Session

Customizing and Assessing Deep Learning for Specific Tasks
Amir Tavanaei, Proctor and Gamble


Moderator: TBD
2C: Technometrics Invited Session

Fast Computation of Exact G-Optimal Designs via Iλ-Optimality
Lucia N. Hernandez, National University of Rosario

Central Composite Experimental Designs for Multiple Responses with Different Models
Wilmina M. Marget, Augsburg University

Moderator: TBD
12:15p – 1:45p Luncheon:
TBD, Speaker TBD
2:00p – 3:30p 3A: Process

A Recommended Set of Indices for Evaluating Process Health
Kevin White, Eastman

Specification Setting – an Adaptive Approach
Brad Evans, Pfizer Research and Development

Moderator: TBD
3B: Model Validation

Model Validation Strategies for Design Experiments Using Bootstrapping Techniques with Applications to Biopharmaceuticals
Christopher Gotwalt, JMP Division of the SAS Institute

Predictive Response Surface Models: To Reduce or Not to Reduce?
David Edwards, VCU

Moderator: TBD
3C: Industrial Engineering

Condition-Based Maintenance Policy under Gamma Degradation Process
David Han, University of Texas at San Antonio
Estimating the Uncertainty of the Change in Holdup Inventory
Stephen Croft, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Moderator: TBD
4:00p – 5:00p TBD

At-A-Glance Schedule – Friday, October 5, 2018

9:15a – 10:00a 4A: Q&P Invited

Wayne Nelson

Yili Hong

Moderator: TBD
4B: CPID Invited

Design and Analysis for Order-of-Addition Experiment
Dennis Lin, PSU


Moderator: TBD
4C: JQT Invited

Bias/Variance Trade-Off In Estimates of a Process Parameter Based on Temporal Data
Stefan Steiner, University of Waterloo

DP-Optimality in Terms of Multiple Criteria and Its Applications to the Split-Plot Design
Shaun S. Wulff, University of Wyoming

Moderator: TBD
10:30a – 12:00p 5A: SPES Invited


Moderator: TBD
5B: DOE in DOD

Difficulties with Applied Statistics in DoD: Practical Solutions to Limitations in Testing
Francisco Ortiz, Perduco Group

Power Approximations for Failure-Time Regression Models
Thomas Johnson, Institute for Defense Analyses

Moderator: TBD
5C: QE Invited

Statistical Engineering Approach to Improve the Realism of Computer-Simulated Experiments with Aircraft Trajectory Clustering
Sara R. Wilson, SAS

Prioritization of Stockpile Maintenance with layered Pareto Fronts
Sarah Burke, Perduco Group

Moderator: TBD
12:15p – 1:45p Luncheon:
TBD, Speaker TBD
2:00p – 3:30p 6A: Education

The Art of Teaching and Communicating Design of Experiments to Non-Statisticians
Shari Kraber, Stat-Ease

Small Statistics, Big Data Curriculum
Chad Foster, GE Aviation

Moderator: TBD

A Practical Framework for the Design and Analysis of Experiments with Interference Effects
Katherine Allen, NCSU

Calibration of Regression Models used in Smartphones’ Applications for Estimating the IRI in Urban Areas in Peru
Carlos Chang, VT

Moderator: TBD
6C: Applications

Geometric Shape Deviation Modeling Across Different Processes and Shapes in Additive Manufacturing Systems
Arman Sabbaghi, Purdue University

Applying Monte Carlo Logic Regression to the Drug-Adverse Event Association Study
Minh Pham, University of South Florida

Moderator: TBD
4:00p – 5:00p TBD

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