General Conference Chairs

J. Brooke Marshall (2017 Co-Chair)

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Stephanie P. DeHart (2017 Co-Chair)

Eastman Chemical Company
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Technical Program Committee

Mindy Hotchkiss (STAT, Chair)

Aerojet Rocketdyne
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Sarah Burke (CPID)

The Perduco Group
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Anne M. Hansen (Q&P)

Intel Corporation
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Greg Steeno (SPES)

Pfizer, Inc.
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Short Course Committee

Yongtao Cao (STAT, Chiar)

Indiana University of Pennsylvania
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Maria Weese (CPID)

Miami University
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Shan Ba (Q&P)

Procter & Gamble
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Matt Pratola (SPES)

The Ohio State University
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Conference Organization

Ashley Childress – Treasurer (CPID)

Eastman Chemical Company
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Maria Weese – Publicity/Brochure Chair (Q&P)

Miami University
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Jon Stallings – Webmaster (SPES)

NC State University
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John Szarka – Exhibitor’s Chair (SPES)

WL Gore
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FTC Steering Committee

Kevin White (CPID)

Eastman Chemical Company
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Bill Myers (STAT)

Procter & Gamble
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David Edwards (Q&P)

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Willis Jensen (SPES)

WL Gore
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