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    We conducted a survey of academics and professionals in industry and science-related fields. Our goal was to understand how statistics and data are used in industry, and to identify the gaps between academic learnings and industrial requirements. We asked about the statistical tools that are most often used, the types of problems users try to solve with data, the challenges they face, and topics they’d like to learn more about. We share a summary of what we learned, and provide some practical ideas on how to implement these recommendations in modern engineering statistics courses.

  • : Mia Stephens and Ruth Hummel
  • : SAS Institute / JMP Division
  • : Mia Stephens and Ruth Hummel
  • : tutorial/case_study
  • : introductory/practitioner
  • : ruth.hummel@jmp.com
  • : 202-702-9309
Addressing the gaps between traditional academic engineering statistics curriculum and industrial needs