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    Experiment Planning and Additive Manufacturing Process Development

    Leslie M. Moore, Lauren C. Wilson and Manuel A. Lopez Martinez

    Statistical Sciences, Org 09136

    Engineering Services, Org 08518

    Sandia National Laboratories

    SAND2019-2918 A




                Additive manufacturing (AM), or 3-D printing, is being investigated for use in building small, metal parts with geometry and material density requirements. The parts are built several to a build plate adding layer-upon-layer of material. An initial study is planned to understand impact of loading scheme on individual parts, including configuration and proximity of items, variation in parts across the plate, and presence and type of artifact items that may provide quality assessment tools in production. Additionally, build plates are built sequentially and recycled material is introduced at some point in the production process. Although these may be considered nuisance factors, in product development it is of interest to understand if there is a time or material drift and to identify possible corrections. An initial experiment plan is proposed to assess differences in factors of interest that balance for an assumed linear time trend controlled as a nuisance factor before any recycled material is introduced to the process. If experiment results are obtained with sufficient lead time, they may inform follow-on studies with recycled material being introduced and alternate build plate loading options identified. This paper presents application of standard experiment design for trend balance and contingency planning as it occurs in early stages of a development process.


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  • : Leslie M. Moore, Lauren C. Wilson and Manuel A. Lopez Martinez
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Experiment Planning and Additive Manufacturing Process Development