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    Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a powerful tool used to control and monitor processes.  It allows us to listen to the voice of the process and to understand the natural process variability associated with our products.  Several myths and misconceptions about SPC exist that have led to improper use and under-use of the tools.  Companies as a result reap fewer benefits from SPC than they could get.  Misapplication of the tools may also lead to incorrect conclusions that affect business decision-making.

    This presentation will reveal many of the commonly held myths and misconceptions both at technical and infrastructure level about SPC and how to avoid them.  Several case studies and success stories will highlight scenarios where SPC were used correctly or incorrectly with key learning points and resulting benefits, including how it enabled opportunities for efficiency, innovation, and enhancing the standard for success in quality.

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Statistical Process Control: Myths, Misconceptions, and Applications